Garage for Fiat 500

 Noé Marcial + Juan Pablo Caputo
A relationship is often created between the 500 and it's owner that outdoes the relationship that other people have with their cars; it's more like the relationship one has with a pet. You have fun, you play and you protect him. From this comes the idea of creating the “Kucha 500”, a kind of garage but just for your 500. This is the 500's home, and the place where you can personalize the automobile (for tuning fanatics) or just to keep it protected from snow, sun or “unexpected friends”, with accurate dimensions in order to enter and exit with the precise comfort, just like 500. The garage is made from an aluminum interior structure and with an exterior reinforced with fabric or plastic depending your choice (or 500`s security). In some areas, the fabric or plastic is translucid, so as to illuminate the interior during the day and to transmit the inner light during the night. It has a kind of the ancient 500`s logo on top of the entrance door, which illuminates from inside, and shows it to passer-bys. 
Our idea was to make it easy for the 500 and its owners, hope you enjoy it.

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